Custom Design

Custom-designed, tropical-themed Internet Cafe Sweepstakes Game Terminal Interface.

This is Your System, Your Way! We give you the creative freedom to guide the look and feel of your Internet Cafe Sweepstakes system! Do you want the interface of your system to look like a futuristic Heads-Up Display? We can do that! Would you like it to look like part of a Tropical Island resort? We can do that too! The sky is the limit!

Flexible Rule Sets

Regulations and Guidelines binders on desk with office supplies.

Legal Compliance is of the utmost importance. We will work hand-in-hand with you to make sure that your system is compliant with the rules and regulations of the localities in which you are operating. We have multiple rule sets which can be activated, including Curtains, Pull Tabs, and Pre-reveal. As regulations change, we can adapt our game catalog to remain in compliance.

Cutting-Edge Graphics

Cowboy in western town. Example of our Cutting-Edge graphics.

Players demand the best, and we make sure you are providing it. Your Internet Cafe games catalog will be packed with the highest-quality 3D and 2D graphics in the industry. Our game designers craft visually appealing games, set in highly detailed environments in which players can immerse themselves. When it comes to engaging your customers, Music and Sound Effects are just as important as any visual element, and we don't skimp on those either. All of our titles feature stellar soundtracks and effects that help to further immerse your players in your games.

Robust Reporting

Line, bar, and point graphs emitting from a laptop computer.

In order to maximize player engagement and earnings potential, you need to be able to analyze how your system is being used to find out what promotions are working the best. Our Sweepstakes Cafe Reporting Tools do just that, and more. You will have access to every possible metric, so that you can position yourself for the highest degree of success!

Custom Game Library

Futuristic-themed Internet Cafe Sweepstakes Game Terminal Interface with Custom Game Library.

Not only is the overall look and design of your Internet Cafe Software completely custom, so is your Game Library! We have a vast catalog of entertaining and engaging Internet Sweepstakes Games to draw from, and we are always creating new titles. Our collection is comprised of a variety of categories and themes, and we will work with you to select the games that will appeal the most to your customer base.

Optional Features

This Egyptian-themed Progressive Value Prize board is an example of our many optional Sweepstakes Cafe Software components.

While our standard Sweepstakes Cafe software package is sure to delight both you and your customers, everyone likes having options. Choose from: vTickets, Collectible Badges, Progressive Value Prizes, Tournaments, a Custom Promotions system, and more! The addition of any of these, or a combination of any or all of them, is sure to increase player engagement... and profits!

Web Design

Hand writing web design-related terms on chalkboard.

Nowadays it's an absolute necessity for a business to have an online presence that effectively communicates with its current clients, and that will attract new customers. Consider a customized website to spearhead your digital marketing plan. If that interests you, our team of Web Designers and Web Developers will work with you to create a website that is visually appealing, engaging, informative, and most importantly: Helps to sell your system.

Online Marketing

Social Media icons arranged in a three-dimensional sphere.

Having a website is just the beginning. You have to know how to get your site seen by your target audience, or else your website isn't fulfilling its purpose. Our team of specialists can set up an Online Marketing Strategy that includes: SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, etc.), Online Advertising, Analytics Reporting, and more!

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